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Prices of tutoring sessions depend on a variety of factors: intensity of intervention, how many sessions are scheduled per week, individual or group setting, etc. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Remedial group Tutoring

$40-45/hour — Straight-forward Take Flight or Multisensory Reading and Spelling curriculum tutoring in a group setting (2-4 students).  Groups meet at a minimum of twice a week. Scheduling depends on mutual family and tutor availability. 

Remedial Private Tutoring

Variable hourly rate, Typically $50/hour — Same services for Remedial Group Tutoring, only in a private 1-1 setting. 

Individualized Private Tutoring

Variable hourly rate , Typically $60/hour— Intervention plan tailored specific to individual student. All curriculums, materials, and resources are research-based. This is the most common service provided for families. 

Dyslexia Therapy

Variable hourly rate, typically $60/hour —  Intense intervention using a standardized dyslexia curricula such as Take Flight. 

Parent or Teacher Consultation 

$40/hour — Some parents request a consultation on how to enhance and support tutoring at home. We are happy to meet with a student's teachers too when requested.


Literacy Skills Evaluation

$550, in two installments of $225 — A literacy skills evaluation does not result in a medical diagnosis of dyslexia; however, it will give you a clear picture of your child's academic learning profile, specific to literacy skills. It will determine whether your child fits a typical learning profile of a dyslexic child. Standardized clinical assessments administered, interpreted, with a 7-10 page written report, and 30 minute in-person follow-up meeting to review the data and findings. Often, this paperwork is enough to provide a public school in order to recieve services or accommodations. It does not, however, provide a student with accommodations on college entrance exams such as the SAT. Only a medical diagnosis will do that.