Policies and Procedures



Missed Sessions:We ask that you notify us (via email, phone call, or text) at least 24 hours before any missed session. Scheduling is often very tight so having at least one day’s notice is appreciated. Obviously, the more notice the better.

a.    We understand that with kids, sometimes things come up, so we will do our best to be accommodating and understanding if you need to cancel last minute. However, we still expect you to notify us as soon as possible so we can adjust our schedules accordingly. 

b.   If your session is deemed a “no-call, no-show” you will be charged in full for the amount of the session, unless an exception is made (family emergency- etc.). A grace period of one “no-call/no-show” will be granted. 

c.    The same 24-hour courtesy is extended to you if your tutor needs to cancel a session due to illness, injury, or emergency. 

d.   Planned absences (from either party) should be communicated with at least two weeks’ notice, but one month is preferred.


We expect for you to arrive on time for every scheduled session. If you are running late, a simple text is appreciated. If you are 20 minutes late without notification, the session will be canceled. Regardless of when you arrive, you will be charged the full amount of the session and time will not be extended.  

Snow Days:Cancellations due to weather correspond with the school or district your child attends, unless otherwise notified by your tutor. If you need to cancel due to weather, just notify us as soon as possible


Insurance.SLC services are not covered by insurance plans. Generally, insurance companies (unfortunately) do not see dyslexia therapy as medically necessary- regardless of diagnosis and recommendations.

   Tax Deductible.Any dyslexia therapy or reading tutoring is a qualified tax write-off in the “other medical expenses” portion of the deductions tax code. You will need a doctor’s recommendation (in writing) that your child receive specialized tutoring from a qualified professional, in order to write off any expenses accrued during tutoring. 

 Consent for services and consent to pay for services. All clients must read and sign the Tutoring Contract before services are rendered. 

Invoicing/Statement.You will receive an emailed invoice of your account twice a month; generally, they are sent on the first and third Friday of the month with payment due the following Wednesday. Balances are due by the date listed on the invoice or receipt, unless other arrangements have been made. Most families choose to pay online with a credit/debit card, so a 2.9% + .15 cents processing fee is applied to the invoice. You are more than welcome to pay in person with cash or check, just please deduct that processing free from the total of the invoice and make checks payable to Springs Literacy Center.

 Late Payments. Invoices are considered late if they’re not paid by the date on the invoice or at the next scheduled tutoring session following the due date. A grace period of two overdue invoices is granted. After the two freebies have been used, any overdue invoices will have a late fee charge applied to the balance of the invoice. Late fees are 10% of the total of the bill. If the invoice remains unpaid for three sessions, all future sessions will be canceled until the total balance is paid in full.

 Special Arrangements. Some families prefer to make only one tutoring payment per month, rather than two. Other families who may be separated/divorced may choose to share payments and separate invoices can be sent to multiple parties. Please communicate these needs with your tutor so we can accommodate special situations and make payment easy.